Meditation and Buddhism

Interested in learning about Buddhism and the practice of Buddhist meditation in a supportive retreat environment? Then come and join us, we offer a variety of weekend and week-long retreats that are a great introduction to meditation, ritual, the practice of silence, all in the beauty of the surroundings of Dhanakosa.

23 Jun - 30 Jun Less than 10 spaces anapanasati - mindfulness as a path to awakening
Led by prakasha
30 Jun - 7 Jul Spaces going deeper - embodied awakening (women's meditation)
Led by Pasadini, Dassini, Viryadevi
4 Aug - 11 Aug Less than 10 spaces dhyana and insight
Led by bodhipaksa, Siddhimala
22 Sep - 29 Sep Less than 10 spaces simply being
Led by Tejananda
3 Nov - 10 Nov Spaces padmasambhava and the heart of awakening
Led by Srisambhava, Vimalachitta
22 Dec - 29 Dec Spaces men's winter
Led by Smritiratna