Khemasuri tried teaching herself meditation for a couple of years and found Taraloka after realising she need to ask the question ‘what do you do with an itch?’. He love of meditation lead her to the Dharma and she was ordained in 2005. Khemasuri has experience of rural, urban and Buddhafield Sanghas. She lives in Sheffield and has been co-ordinator for the team that supports the International Order Convenors for some while.

Khemasuri has a strong ‘lay’ interest in science and in particular how we can use ‘systems thinking’ as a way of understanding the Dharma and conditionality in particular.

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facing the demons - dharma for troubled times

Friday, 21 July 2017 to Friday, 28 July 2017

In his 1979 talk on Padmasambhava, Sangharakshita said "we mustn't think of 'demons' as mythological.... You're living in a world of demons" : economic; social; political. In our troubled, complex world it is hard to recognise and face these 'demons'. This retreat will explore some of the demons of our age and time, both inner and outer. Through meditation, ritual, talks and group work we hope to face and transform them, going forward with renewed energy, strength and inspiration. 

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