Srisambhava learnt Buddhist meditation in 1986 while working for a community health project in London. She was ordained in 1993 and worked full-time at the London Buddhist Centre teaching meditation and Dharma classes.

In 2002 Srisambhava left London, via India and New Zealand, for the hills of North Wales where she currently lives with her partner. Alongside co-leading meditation and Dharma retreats, she has been exploring the gentle, body based process of Focusing.

The Wisdom of the Body - Focusing and Meditation Retreat

Friday, 28 February 2014 to Friday, 7 March 2014 2014

The gentle yet powerful practice of Focusing takes us beneath our usual stories and self analysis to a place that knows its own way to healing and wholeness. On this retreat we will combine Focusing with meditation and simple Buddhist ritual, journeying to find our own wisdom. Suitable for newcomers to both focusing and meditation.

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