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Rodney Palmer
Exploring Buddhist Animism (Fri 31 Mar 2023)
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Hi. I would be so so grateful for a lift to Dhanakosa from London, or anywhere in southernish England, for the Buddhism and Animism retreat starting at Dhanakosa on March 31st. If anyone can offer me a lift I´ll happily pay for ALL the petrol cost. Sorry to hassle (the aim will be NOT to hassle: to make things as easy as possible for anyone kindly offering a lift), but the sooner anyone who may be able very kindly to offer a lift pops up the better: If not hearing from anyone by Friday, a train ticket may well have been bought. Nonetheless, it would be good to hear from any kind offerer at any time. Metta and many many thanks in advance to anyone who can, Rodney (WhatsApp until March 6th: +56 9 8766 5007).
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