Amoghavira first encountered Buddhism in 1979 while struggling through a mathematics degree at Glasgow University. Ordained into the Western Buddhist Order in 1982 he then started working at the Glasgow Buddhist Centre. 

He worked for 2 years at the Sydney Buddhist Centre in Australia from 1988, and on his way back to Britain in 1990, spent 3 months in Kathmandu helping run meditation and Buddhism course there. Falling in love with Nepal, he’s been a regular visitor there ever since.

In 1996, he moved to Dhanakosa to help with retreat leading here, which he’s been doing ever since. He loves being in the mountains and this has led to a passion for landscape photography and he now lives in the village of Callander, about 15 miles from Dhanakosa.

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going deeper with yoga

Friday, 23 May 2014 to Friday, 30 May 2014

This retreat is an ideal first regulars retreat. Yoga teachings open to all levels, and gently introduces more silence, meditation and a stronger Buddhist context through teachings and Buddhist ritual (including 7-fold Puja).

Open to anyone who has done an introductory retreat or has been attending a local centre and is looking to take their practice a bit deeper.

Yoga led by Jenny Livingstone and Clare Stephen.


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