Holly Lucas

Holly’s personal yoga practice spans over 20 years of experience exploring a variety of styles and avenues into connecting with the body. Within this period Holly underwent two teacher trainings and has been guiding classes for 8 years.

Drawing from her own Buddhist practice Holly enjoys weaving in the key principles of awareness and kindness, whilst allowing the body to guide and lead the practice from a realm of intuition and instinct as opposed to mental desire and ambition.

Holly seeks to encourage play within fluid movement and locomotion, whilst unveiling our own expressions of the structures of asana practice. 

yoga, embodied movement & meditation

Friday, 8 September 2023 to Friday, 15 September 2023 2023

These retreats combine introductory meditation teaching with a blend of traditional yoga and contemporary approaches to embodied movement. This playful synthesis of body based approaches to wellbeing (through meditation and movement) in the peaceful and beautiful environment of the retreat can help restore physical and mental vitality and balance in our lives.

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