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11 Oct to 18 Oct 2019
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This retreat is about crafting a small number of images from a deep place of resonance between ourselves and our subject, supported by meditation and silence. We will focus on the importance of going beyond just looking, to really seeing with our whole heart, mind and body. We will absorb and come into relationship with the beautiful landscape of the glen before we try to capture it photographically whether in big views or in more intimate details. Using inspiration from Buddhist tradition and age old meditation techniques, we will set a tone for the retreat where stillness and awareness can naturally feed into the creative process.

For more information read the retreat information sheet.

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Paying for your retreat

Dhanakosa runs on donations.

To book a retreat you pay a booking fee. This is the only fee we ask you to pay. Your retreat has been paid for from the donations of all the people who have been to Dhanakosa before you, in the spirit of generosity, or dana.

Suggested donations

The donations we collect from you on your retreat guarantee future retreats.

Booking fees for 2019:

  • £50 for weekend retreats
  • £75 for week long retreats
  • £100 for 11 day retreat

Our suggested donations (in addition to the booking fee) for 2019:

  • Week retreats: £445 waged, £285 unwaged
  • 11 days retreat: £650 waged, £440 unwaged
  • Weekend retreats: £165 waged, £115 unwaged

Those who cannot afford our suggested donations are free to contribute what they can. All donations are gratefully received. See our dana economy page for more information.

There will be an opportunity to make your donation during the retreat. Donations can be made by credit/debit card, cheque or cash.