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12 May 2021
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Wednesday 12th May 2021: 10.15 - 13.00 (GMT)

You are welcome to join Smritiratna online, he has the following to say about the retreat: 

''The title, ‘Active Hope for Humanity’,  of this little retreat echoes the title of the Dhanakosa week I’m co-leading in April. I have a feeling this week will be deeply inspiring and on May 12th I plan to tell you all about it, so that even if you weren’t able to attend the week, you don’t entirely miss out. So on Wednesday May 12th after leading a meditation I’ll address the theme in a short talk then arrange reflections in small groups and answer any questions you may have.

If you can precede the online period by scheduling your own meditation and follow it with a contemplative walk in Nature, you’ll be making the most of a special opportunity. Join us at 10.15. Then we lock the meeting at 10.30 (to avoid the disruption of latecomers) and stay online right through to 1pm. As well as the meditation period there will be hourly breaks built in to refresh your energy. This is a chance to come together in shared practice once more.''

This retreat will be running online using the zoom meeting platform. This works in most web browsers, and you can also get free apps for all major mobile platforms too. You don’t need to pay for an account to take part.

Bookings will close at 4pm on Tuesday 11th May.

Booking Availability: 
Bookings closed

Paying for your retreat

Dhanakosa runs on donations

To book a retreat you pay a booking fee. This is the only fee we ask you to pay. Dhanakosa operates in the spirit of generosity, or dana (a Sanskrit/Pali word meaning giving or gift). This allows us to be open to anyone regardless of individual financial circumstances, by allowing people to pay what they can afford.

Dhanakosa is continuing to lose money throughout this period of Covid-19 as we have reduced the number of places on each retreat.  Although we recognise that many people are suffering financial hardship and want to keep retreats on a donations basis, if you are able to give a little more than you would normally please consider doing so.

Suggested donations

The donations we collect from you on your retreat guarantee future retreats.

Booking fees for 2021:

  • £30 for online weekend
  • £50 for online week
  • £75 for weekend retreats
  • £100 for week/10 day retreats

Our suggested donations (in addition to the booking fee) for 2021:

  • Online weekend: £70 waged, £20 unwaged
  • Online week: £150 waged, £50 unwaged
  • Week retreats: £600 waged, £400 unwaged
  • Weekend retreats: £280 waged, £200 unwaged
  • 10 day retreat: £750 waged, £520 unwaged

Those who cannot afford our suggested donations are free to contribute what they can. All donations are gratefully received. See our dana economy page for more information.

Under the current circumstances we are asking people to make a donation in advance of arrival, either online or by phone. You can do this by phoning the office or donate online here: Please use the message section of the on-line form, or email us at to let us know which retreat you are donating for.

It will also be possible to give a donation while you are here. Donations can be made by credit/debit card, cheque or cash.