Locana (Elizabeth English)

Locana (Elizabeth English) currently teaches mindfulness at Cambridge University. Her approach to meditation draws on four decades of meditation practice, and integrates her
training in Focusing, Nonviolent Communication, and Somatic Experiencing trauma therapy. It is also underpinned by Locana’s doctoral research into Sanskrit meditation texts
(Vajrayogini, published Wisdom 2002), and the practice of Recollective Awareness. Her first ‘Gentle Guide to mindfulness meditation’ was published in 2022: Journeys to the Deep with
a sequel due out shortly: Into the Flow (The books are available on Amazon or from the Dhanakosa Bookshop.) Locana also loves singing, and wild walks with her cocker spaniel,

Journeys to the deep: meditation retreat

Friday, 23 June 2023 to Friday, 30 June 2023 2023

This retreat is for anyone wishing to explore meditation and their inner world. You may want to inspire or re-inspire your meditation, or to learn meditation from scratch. Whatever your starting point, we take a relaxed approach, aiming to make meditation as enjoyable and enriching as possible. We also discover how to make meditation uniquely our own, seeking

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