Meditation and Buddhism

Interested in learning about Buddhism and the practice of Buddhist meditation in a supportive retreat environment? Then come and join us, we offer a variety of weekend and week-long retreats that are a great introduction to meditation, ritual, the practice of silence, all in the beauty of the surroundings of Dhanakosa.

23 Jun - 30 Jun Retreat Full

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Journeys to the deep: meditation retreat
Led by Locana (Elizabeth English)
7 Jul - 9 Jul Spaces sangha weekend
Led by maitrihridaya, dhiraka
4 Aug - 11 Aug Less than 10 spaces Embodied Courage - women's meditation
Led by Pasadini, Candradhī, Elise
11 Aug - 18 Aug Less than 10 spaces A heart as wide as the world
Led by dhiraka, Maitrivira
3 Oct - 13 Oct Retreat Full

Call for waiting list

Dhyana & emptiness
Led by Tejananda
20 Oct - 27 Oct Spaces Autumn rain on Still Waters: Contemplating the five Skandas
Led by Nayaka, Candrika, Subhanaya
27 Oct - 30 Oct Book By Phone Women's Order Weekend
Led by Regional Order Convenor
10 Nov - 17 Nov Spaces Mindfulness & the Path to Freedom
Led by singhashri, Siddhimala
24 Nov - 26 Nov Spaces Introductory Weekend
Led by Smritiratna, Pasadini
1 Dec - 8 Dec Cancelled Living presence - Focusing and meditation
Led by Srisambhava, Maitrivira
1 Dec - 8 Dec Spaces Padmasambhava and the Vajra of Awakening
Led by Amoghavira, Sraddhadharani, Maitrivira
8 Dec - 10 Dec Book By Phone weekend for women who have asked for ordination
Led by Saddhavati
15 Dec - 22 Dec Book By Phone Men's going for refuge retreat
Led by Abhayavaca, Amoghavira, Nayaka
22 Dec - 30 Dec Spaces Men's Winter
Led by Smritiratna
29 Dec - 5 Jan Spaces Women’s Winter Retreat
Led by Parami, Acharashraddha