Have you been on retreat before, familiar with meditation practice, and looking for a more intensive environment with which to practice (including Buddhist ritual)? Then our regulars retreats are for you. They usually combine more periods of meditation, and can include several days of silence, or longer periods of silent reflection, than our introductory retreats.

Check out individual retreats for more details.

17 Apr - 24 Apr Book By Phone cancelled: spring rain on still waters - reflecting on the five skandhas
Led by Nayaka, Shraddhadharani
8 May - 15 May Retreat Full

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going deeper - awake in the wild
Led by Amoghavira, Diana Barnard, Shraddhadharani
22 May - 29 May Spaces wisdom of the body
Led by Suryadarshini, jo Bennett, Amoghavira
5 Jun - 12 Jun Less than 10 spaces going deeper - hillwalking and meditation
Led by Nayaka
12 Jun - 19 Jun Retreat Full

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wolf at the door
Led by Dharmavadana, Satyagita, Vishvantara, vidyachitta
17 Jul - 24 Jul Spaces the mindful heart - women's meditation retreat
Led by Pasadini
31 Jul - 7 Aug Spaces going deeper - hillwalking and meditation
Led by Siddhimala, Ratnadeva
21 Aug - 28 Aug Spaces going deeper - yoga and meditation
Led by Balajit, Manjunaga, Amber
28 Aug - 4 Sep Spaces everything matters - compassion and emptiness in everyday life
Led by vajradarshini, Pasadini
4 Sep - 11 Sep Spaces simply being
Led by Tejananda
2 Oct - 9 Oct Spaces Going Deeper - Zen in the Lens
Led by Amoghavira, dhiraka, Steve Knight
13 Oct - 23 Oct Retreat Full

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absolute and relative - view and conduct
Led by Viveka, Pasadini
23 Oct - 30 Oct Spaces 21st century bodhisattva
Led by Parami, khemasuri, Ratnadeva
30 Oct - 1 Nov Spaces women's order weekend
13 Nov - 20 Nov Spaces Padmasambhava and the Heart of Awakening
Led by Srisambhava, Vimalachitta
4 Dec - 11 Dec Spaces going deeper fire of awakening
Led by Balajit, Amoghavira
22 Dec - 29 Dec Spaces men's winter
Led by Smritiratna